Get Expert Help
To Sell Your Home


Your Team on the Ground

Utopia Concierge and Realty Services is a licensed real estate company and registered with MLS and Acobir. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team members truly understand Panama. We are born and bred Panamanian citizens and long-term ex-pats who have lived here long enough to become valued members of the local community. We ‘know the territory’ and have a huge client base of discerning travelers and locally based clients who trust us to provide a wide range of professional services. You’ll also get the following benefits if you sell through us:

Sell for More

A July 2017 study by Collateral Analytics found that private sellers (For Sale by Owners) don’t actually save anything, and may even cost themselves more by not listing with an estate agent. In fact, the study showed that their homes sold for 5.55 to 6% less, on average, than similar properties sold by agents using a local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) like the one we are registered with in Panama.

More Exposure to Potential Buyers

Only estate agents are allowed to market homes through the MLS, which offers the property the greatest exposure to potential buyers. MLS listings are also usually automatically syndicated and displayed on third-party sites like Zillow or Trulia. But if you list privately or with an agency that is not registered with the MLS, you lose out on all that exposure.


Expert Help to Navigate the Sale

There is simply no substitute for the boots-on-the-ground experience that a seasoned estate agent brings to your table. They have a depth of market knowledge to share, an understanding of historic sales in your neighborhood, and the ability to conduct a detailed analysis of recent sales so you can set an asking price that will entice prospective buyers.

Skilled Negotiators

We know that negotiating price is one of the hardest parts of any real estate transaction, especially if the parties speak different languages. But our experienced and highly-skilled negotiators will also guide you safely through this to reach a solution where everyone feels like a winner.

Someone to Guard Your Interests

Licensed estate agents have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, which means that they must put your interests first in any transaction.

Nothing to Lose

Your estate agent will only earn a commission if your home sells. That means you pay nothing unless they get results. So what is there to lose?

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