Finding your ideal home

How to be sure you’ve found your ideal home


Finding your ideal home can be a challenging and emotional journey, especially in places like Boquete, where construction types and standards vary so much – and there is also an extreme range of architectural styles and property zonings.


However, there are some key factors that can help you determine whether a particular property is the one for you, says Dallas Kruger, co-founder and CEO of top local agency Utopia Concierge and Realty Services.


Here are some signs that you may have found your dream home:


  • It meets your practical needs: The first thing to consider is whether the home meets your needs in terms of size, layout and amenities as well as location. The factors you need to consider include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need and the size of the kitchen, dining and living areas. In Panama, many people also consider it essential to have an outdoor living area such as a patio or terrace.


Right location


  • The second thing to think about, says Dallas, is where the property is located in relation to things like shops, transportation, restaurants, and entertainment or sports venues. Not all areas are as well-supplied with these facilities as others, and it can become very tedious to have to drive long distances every day just to buy necessities. In addition, you may want to live close to some good friends or family members. Or you may specifically want to be close to a certain school or a good hospital.


  • Thirdly, the property should align with your personal values and lifestyle. For example, if sustainability and “green” living are a priority for you, you should focus on homes with energy-wise features including solar power and good insulation, a good location for commuting and lots of natural light, she says. Homes constructed of natural stone, wood and recycled materials will also be high on your list.


Match your vision

  • Fourth, says Dallas, the home should have the right atmosphere. “It should as far as possible look and feel like your vision of the ideal home – which is different for everyone. Factors to consider in this regard include natural light, ambient noise, and even the color of the walls, as well as the architectural style of the house and furnishings that are appropriate to that style or period of history. For example, a home built in the gracious Spanish style, with white walls and a red pan-tile roof, will probably not feel right if furnished in a very modern, minimalist style.”


  • And lastly, she notes, the property should offer at least some potential for personalization, even if it is in a gated estate with strict appearance rules. This is obviously difficult if you are renting, but when you buy a home one of the benefits that many people relish is being able to decide what changes you want to make. This could mean anything from adding your own décor or landscaping to making major changes to the structure or layout of the property. “Even If the home is being sold furnished, you may want to check the quality of the beds, couches and carpets in case they don’t suit your vision or need replacing.”


No pressure


Finding your ideal home is clearly a very personal and subjective journey, which is why you should never allow anyone to pressure you into buying until you are sure that the property feels “right”


On the other hand, if you want to increase your chances of finding a home that meets your needs and makes you feel instantly at home, make sure you seek the assistance of a qualified, experienced estate agent who really knows the local market.


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